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Shin Takaoka Station Tourist Exchange Center

Shin Takaoka Station Tourism Exchange Center image 1

Jumping ability gateway (Hietsu sac = Hida Etchu Noto region of the nickname)、There is right in front of out of the ticket gate of the Hokuriku Shinkansen new Takaoka Station。

Not only Takaoka city's tourist information、Also offers a wide wide range of wide area of ​​the brochure。

Please drop feel free to。


Gallery exhibit and sell the Toyama Prefecture, western part of the traditional crafts and craft[MONONO-FU]The hotel also has a

You will from here to see how the new Takaoka Station north and south freedom passage。

Residence Toyama prefecture Takaoka city Shimoguida 3012 within JR Shin Takaoka station
Opening Hours 9:00~20:00
Regular holiday Open year round
AS 0766-30-2626

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