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Sightseeing area

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park

Amaharashi Kaigan (Rain-Clear Coast) was composed as “Shibutani” in The Anthology of Myriad Leaves, and is one of 100 selected beaches in Japan because of its picturesque view of many beautiful rocks, white sand and green pines. You can see “Tateyama” alpine mountains as much as 3,000 meters high over the Toyama bay. When Yoshitsune Minamoto (a famous Japanese Samurai soldier) was chased through this place to Oshu, it had little rain, and he waited at a rock named ”Yoshitsune Rocks” until it cleared out. The name “Amaharashi” is derived from this legend.

〈National Site Scenic Beauty〉

〈Top 100 Shorelines of Japan〉

You can see a 360 ° image of “Amaharashi Coast”!

Address Ota Amaharashi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
Direction ■ From JR Himi Line Amaharashi station, 5 min walk
■ From JR Shin-Takaoka station
・At Shin-Takaoka station by Kaetsuno bus stop #2, immediately at Iwasaki stop
・25 min drive
■ From Takaoka station
・At Takaoka station Kojo Park (North) exit, by Kaetsuno bus stop #4, immediately at Iwasaki stop
・20 min drive
■ From Noetsu Expressway Takaoka Kita IC, 20 min drive
■ From Hokuriku Expewssway, Takaoka-Tonami smart IC, 35 min drive
Equipment ■ Parking
immediately at Roadside Station Amaharashi parking(free)
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