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(Ltd)Nakamura Laquer Ware Store

Repair of lacquer ware in general and "appraisal"、Planning、manufacture、Wholesale、Doing "retail"。 A souvenir at the Chokei-ji main store、We also have many gifts。

(CO, LTD)Shibata Lacquerware Store

Sake sets and chopsticks suitable for souvenirs and gifts、We have a lot of accessories etc.。 There are plenty of tea utensils and flower utensils、We also accept repairs。 Various cards、Supports QR payment, etc.。

Etchu Sugegasa Council of Fukuoka

"Etchu Fukuoka Sugegasa" is、In Japan、As rain except, awning、It has been widely used in people's lives、400This traditional crafts, which boasts a tradition of year。We sell accessories and the like using a variety of Sugegasa and Kan。   [Sugegasa dealer ...

Shin Takaoka Station Tourist Exchange Center

Jumping ability gateway (Hietsu sac = Hida Etchu Noto region of the nickname)、There is right in front of out of the ticket gate of the Hokuriku Shinkansen new Takaoka Station。 Not only Takaoka city's tourist information、Also offers a wide wide range of wide area of ​​the brochure。 Please take care ...

Takaoka Station tourist office

Right in front of out of the Takaoka Station ticket gate、Mayo is a tourist office in the load。 Takaoka city's tourist information、Other brochures、Such as Takaoka of tourist postcards and business cards mount will be purchased。  


Michinoeki Manyo-nosato

Takaoka IC soon。National Highway along the line 8。Traffic information and tourist information is, of course、Exhibition and sale of crafts products and specialty products、Food court Takaoka gourmet can eat are equipped。


Michinoeki Amaharashi

You may wish to 3,000 meters class of Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Bay over。As well as those arriving by car、Railway users who arrive by JR Himi Line、Algal oils for those of cyclists who come in Toyama Bay Cycling Loading ...



Nousaku is、Taisho 5 years (1916)、Began Buddhist manufactured using the casting technology transferred 400 years in the land of Takaoka。2017At the new company building that opened on April 27,、Headquarters limited items are also stocked "FACTORY SHOP"、Nousaku tableware with local ingredients [&h…

Takaoka copperware - lacquerware

GARANDO craft store

Shop right next to the Great Buddha Takaoka。The Miyabirando founded 1909 years of Takaoka copperware, lacquerware、Items of handicrafts throughout Japan will have been exhibited and sold。Please refer to the various handicrafts because there is also net shop。


castingworks studio RISABURO

Craftsmen of Takaoka is we align the goods that built up in every single Passionate feelings。 Takaoka copperware are lined with souvenirs of handmade centered on the、In copperware production factory You can also visit。 In Takaoka casting birthplace of-Kanaya-cho、Initial Meiji ...

Shibara art gallery

Taisho 12 years of business。Of antiques, art is the purchase and dealers。

Fushiki Tourism Promotion Center

Nara era、Yue China Office We will guide you (now Toyama prefectural government) is placed Fushiki district。 It is also selling exhibitions and fights mountain goods of the members of every year Hikiyama Festival Fushiki to be carried out on May 15, "quarrel mountain"。

Amaharashi Station Tourist Information Office

Takaoka's premier scenic land is the gateway to the "Amaharashi coast"。From Amaharashi Station Amaharashi until the coast is a 5-minute walk。 Amaharashi postcard and bookmark that contains the coast of superb view、Pleasing souvenirs such as clear file。 To shoot from the station yard、Train and Amaharashi coast-to-...

Fukuoka Tourism Bureau of Production

Tourism is the information center in the love of wind Toyama railway Fukuoka Station in。 If you can contact us in advance、Tourism volunteer guide will guide you through the Fukuoka-cho! Odd Festival "Fukuoka-cho made with about 350 years of history that takes place every year on September 23, 24 days Monma ...

TAKAOKA copper industry cooperative

Contact also please feel free about products of Takaoka copperware。

Takaoka Bronze Pavilion

* "Takaoka Copperware Exhibition Hall"、Relocated and opened in "Roadside Station Takaoka" on July 27, 3rd year of Reiwa * As a tour sales facility for "Traditional crafts Takaoka copperware" with a history of 400 years、Also、Specializing in Takaoka Buddhist utensils, tea utensils, and flower utensils ...

Takaoka Regional Local Industry Center "Nickname:ZIBA "

Takaoka copperware、Takaoka lacquerware、Etchu Japanese paper、Shogawa woodworking、Inami sculpture、Confection、seafood、Himi udon, etc.、We look forward to align the special product of Takaoka region。

Takaoka Manyo History Museum shop

Shop in Manyo historical site。It sells such as Manyo Yukari of goods。

Art Museum Shop of Takaoka City Museum

Art books、Picture postcard、amount、colored paper、Enhance axis, etc.。Fashionable cute miscellaneous goods is full! The hotel also has a coffee shop。

Takaoka Aguripia farm stand(Ltd)

City of farmers have of freshly caught and produced vegetables and processed agricultural products were sold every day。


Amanattō devoted、Professional shop sticks to taste。 As you familiar with people of all ages、I have sashimi a lot amanattō。


Opened in October 1971

(CO, LTD)Mitsuya

There are many monument of the poet Ōtomo no Yakamochi of Tenpyo、Beautiful city that was open also of Kaga Maeda clan Toshinaga Maeda、There is a Mito house in Takaoka。 Town of copperware、Takaoka Buddha near the ruins of a castle park of beautiful water moat。Festival floats is in May。Appearance of the four seasons as the history around the lantern ...

Senmai kashiho

In Minami-machi intersection、ohagi、Daifukumochi、Rice with red beans、Cake and cold、Sasamochi according to the season、Nightingale rice cake、Sakura - mochi, etc.、Homemade Kakimochi also sells。Lemon Cake、Madeleine, such as confectionery and above for buns、Dorayaki has received an order。Ann-house ...


Western Province(West Wu)of、Shopping Centre、We sell in supermarkets。 also、Red and white cake、steamed bread、Dorayaki、Various have bestowed received the order, such as family events confectionery and the end of the year of rice cakes such as red rice。

Matsubara Seishodo

Since its inception in 1900 years、Yoshinaka Kiso the land of legend、Was charged with Shimizu of famous water of the bow "six Kaoru baked" and one by one carefully finished additive in hand-baked、Preservative is not used at all、We continue to protect the old-fashioned rustic flavor。 Counter-seasonal feeling and Kyodoshoku ...

Nishida Shukomanjuten

Protect the taste of the more than 130-year tradition in 1881 founded、And strive to software products making homemade taste。


It celebrated its founding 137 years this year。 Japanese sweets of course also focusing on confectionery、We continue to challenge for a new creative confectionery。 Align the candy of four seasons We look forward to your visit us。

(CO, LTD)Togiya

It has been making delicious rice cake。Rice cakes of the four seasons of the season、Milestone of life、All of the rice cake involved in the turning point of the celebrations、Please leave if red rice。 It was a cafe space birth to Tode shop。


Tempo since its opening in three years、It has been loved along with the history of Takaoka。 Month of Etchu confection KoIzuru in the confection by the original idea of ​​the third generation Saburotaira、If they were drifting in the ripples of the sea of ​​Aliso was attracted mind but as glows full moon of taste master craftsman、Saburotaira of Ya ...

Rice cake shop Oihara

Mochi Sekihan confectionery processing is we are always stocks。 We have inherited the natural taste handmade since its inception。 Good for the raw materials to be self-production、Hokuriku confection of confectionery、Red rice、Various We produce and sell a hearty product。


1875 years、Since it opened in Takaoka City, through the town、Thank look forward to your favor of everyone。 Referred to as "your sweets were made in that day get purchase on the day."、By Moshitsutae from primary、Confectionery wholeheartedly committed to freshness ...

Ishiguro shogetsudo

Founded by 1912、The current owner is the third generation of the long-established。 Including the production mainly in sweets、Also manufactures candy confectionary style to suit the young and old of the preferences in the current。 Made a number also sweets of season、We were enjoying in the eye to your visit us ...

Amaya kashiho(Tenkichiya)

Founded from the previous Meiji as a steamed bun production plants congratulations and condolences, of course、Old-fashioned handmade "bun" is a rarity to Anne that matches the "moist" delicious skin using the subsoil water of Shogawa。

Kongo Fugetsudo

Since the first year of Showa venture、Use a homemade bean paste shopkeeper Good、Bun for the upper chestnut filled with old-fashioned handmade、We deliver the unchanging taste, such as Dorayaki。 Encouraging the word of loved by the local "delicious tea"、Four seasons traveling the heart ...

Ebuchi kashiho

Also the era changed、We always aim to new candy making。 Select the raw materials that commitment pulled the tradition of technology、We propose a rich candy creativity。


Since its inception, "delicious even a little、And to examine the material based on the idea of ​​peace as possible to the mouth "has been handmade。 Long shelf life does not is there intends to add I'm sure the expectations of everyone。


Entrepreneurship 120 years、4We are open over the generations。 This is also thanks to your singlet。 Showa We also sell confectionary than 48 years。

Matsushimaya of Kintsuba

Establishment is 90 to Kintsuba of specialty store up to 100 years。


We Otsukuri stuck to the material at the center candy to eat every day。

Tropical Honpo Onoya

Venture Tianbao nine years。Manufacturing and sweets (tropical-fields each other), which named after the song of Etchu KUNISHI Ōtomo no Yakamochi。 There is the famous mountain Machisuji in the storehouse building and Mikuruma Mt.、It has also made sweets named after these。


Handmade from manufacturing to packaging。Product mix not in other stores、Season tea ceremony for the main confectionery-east、Stocks year-round。

Hikiami KazukiDo

Including the representative confection "plum garden of Manyo"、The materials were carefully selected from the tea ceremony confectionery to creative sweets and finished in the technology and the mind of 菓匠。

Sakae kashiho

Showa was founded in 37 years、To adhere to the original intention of the establishment about 40 years repeatedly examine and study all of the products、We have continued to protect the taste of tradition, supported by everyone in the region。In the center of the four seasons of the sweets shop confection "Rokutakara incense", "Kasuteira" a lot of the more ...


Founded in 1889 in the land of Takaoka。1892、It devised a confection "Fuwa Fukujudo Kanokomochi"、It launched one hundred years or up to now、We will be manufactured in the unchanging raw materials and manufacturing methods。Also、The hotel's pastry department "Jungfrau" is also。 Carefully selected materials ...

Wada engraving workshop

Engraving workshop in the town of building storehouses。You can tour the working process。


500Sightseeing is also climb iron kettle collected in point。We sequentially display the iron kettle origin and works of writers across the country。

(CO, LTD)Heiwagokin

Japan's traditional techniques passed down forever from design proposal to construction、We will help you to total。

(CO, LTD)Copper Works Fujita

Memorial Day is the beauty of tradition!!Wholesale manufacturer of Takaoka copperware, Buddhist, God tool。Large Buddha statue、Bust、Also available planning and production of souvenirs。

Takaoka copperware traditional craft cooperative promotion

We introduce the history and current Takaoka copperware。

(CO, LTD)Takenaka douki

Art and skill of mind which were cultivated in Takaoka copperware traditional craft tradition ...

Takaoka specialty art shop Kanehide[KANEHIDE]

Takaokaekimae,We look forward to stocks a large number of shop "Kanehide" In Takaoka copperware of specialty art。

Takaoka bronzes Yotsui Exhibition Hall

Including Takaoka copperware、You can see the world of arts and crafts。

Takaoka Industrial Copperware Complex

We will repair of copperware。Order of copperware General、Processing the request、Material development、We also welcome the consultation, such as product development。

Takaoka Chugei-sha

Lantern、Buddhist image、Bronze statue、Large bronze statue was、Public Art、Repair restoration of historic copperware、Various types of casting works of art、People like。

(CO., LTD) Syoubidou

Bust or statue:We manufacture in-house atelier from prototype a variety of bronze。Matsumido original catalog in the presentation。

(CO, LTD)Odakou-douki

Traditional Bronze、Craft Hinto product rich、We look forward to your Yue of everyone as a shop that is open。

Co., Ltd. Lao Tzu Works

A professional manufacturer of the bell, including the bell, which is known throughout the country。 We have Buddha Buddhist monuments such as manufacturing and sales。

Kiyoto Brewing plant

Sake brewery of Sake "Katsukoma"。Founded in 1906。Can be precisely because small sake brewery、Stuck with delicious sake、We sold exclusively at the only nationwide 50 stores that can tasting。

Hiromata kamaboko shop

Also we continue to protect now the old-fashioned technique and taste。If there is no well kamaboko not it! Establishment is more than 100 years long-established。

Amanoya Kamaboko shop

Founded in the Taisho year。Kamaboko of Amanoya inherited a taste which is not the same as lavish production method using a millstone。It is a taste of handmade。

Masu Sushi Minamoto

Familiar with ekiben、Sushi of trout source。We sell at the new Takaoka Station concourse shop。

Food Corporation New Otani Takaoka

Rich natural blessed Toyama of taste "trout sushi"。 Hotel New Otani in Takaoka、Seeking a real taste、And finished with a more elegant taste。By all means, please relish。

Toyama Nemono Corporation

No chemical seasonings or preservatives added、No chemical seasonings or preservatives added。 No chemical seasonings or preservatives added。

Center for Buddhist altars Takaoka

In exceptional price from our wholesale part of the local industry Buddhist altar, Buddhist, copperware of Takaoka。

Buddhist altar manufacturing Okoshi(Ltd)

Your altar、shop、Through employees (Seggu)、Japanese beauty、'S mission is to convey the Japanese mind。

Lacquerware Kunimoto

1909 founding of craft shops。 We are the "planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retail" in the center of the craft that take advantage of the Takaoka of technology。 We will propose a commodity that will have fun every day as the information center of the "Takaoka of crafts and craft"。 Memorial ...

(Ltd)Musashigawa kobo

Soseki also loved Takaoka lacquerware。Brilliant glow of a typical schrenckii painted in its、Also captures the human mind in any era。

Takaoka lacquerware traditional craft cooperative

Order to promote the development of the production area、Founded looking up the prefectural and city leadership of、It celebrated the establishment twenty anniversary。We introduce the history and current Takaoka lacquerware。

Ujiie Lacquerware(CO, LTD)

Floor consoles decorate the traditional crafts Takaoka coating of Japanese-style room、It offers a large selection of the garden tub。

Amano Lacquerware(Ltd.)

We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware。 Stocks the best products in the souvenir gifts。

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