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Sightseeing area

Amaharashi Coast

Amaharashi Kaigan (Rain-Clear Coast) was composed as “Shibutani” in The Anthology of Myriad Leaves […]

National Treasure Takaoka-zan Zuiryuji Temple

The family temple of Toshinaga Maeda. The Sanmon (main gate), the Butsuden (hall enshrining the buddha) and th […]

The Great Buddha of Takaoka

〈A Takaoka City Designated Cultural Asset〉 This large Buddha is 15.85m high and weighs 65 tonnes.

Yamachosuji(Street lined with traditional storehouses)

〈Traditional Architecture Preservation District〉 The Traditional mud-walled,warehouse-style residences were bu […]

Kanaya-Machi (Lattice-front Street)

Shortly after the construction of Takaoka Castle, Toshinaga Maeda, the second lord of the Kaga Domain invited […]

Unryuzan Shokoji Temple

〈Twelve buildings, including the main hall,registered as Important Cultural Properties〉 This old temple belong […]

Takaoka Kojo Park(The remains of Takaoka Castle)

The remains of Takaoka Castle that was built by Toshinaga Maeda were recreated into a park in the late 19th Ce […]

Takaoka Manyo Historical Museum

Japan’s oldest collection of poetry,Manyoshu, which contains many poems depicting the Toyama region, is explai […]

National Park Futagamisan

274m above sea level. It is now home to the minds of citizens.

Machozan Kokutai-ji temple

This is the head temple of Kokutai-ji sect of Rinzai Zen Sect, and is also famous as a Zen school. Mendicant Z […]

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