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Sightseeing area

Amaharashi Coast Quasi-National Park

Amaharashi Kaigan (Rain-Clear Coast) was composed as “Shibutani” in The Anthology of Myriad Leaves […]

Zuiryuji Temple

The family temple of Toshinaga Maeda. The Sanmon (main gate), the Butsuden (hall enshrining the buddha) and th […]

The Great Buddha of Takaoka

This large Buddha statue was made with the exceptional metal-casting skills of the people of Takaoka, a city k […]

Yamachosuji (Street lined with Earthen-wall Storehouses)

The Traditional mud-walled,warehouse-style residences were built during the first half of the 20th century and […]

Kanayamachi (Traditional Metal-casting District)

Shortly after the construction of Takaoka Castle, Toshinaga Maeda, the second lord of the Kaga Domain invited […]

Unryuzan Shokoji Temple

This old temple belongs to the Jodo Sect of Buddhism and its large main hall covers an area of 40m2. [Currentl […]

Takaoka Kojo (Old Castle) Park

The remains of Takaoka Castle that was built by Toshinaga Maeda were recreated into a park in the late 19th Ce […]

Takaoka Manyo Historical Museum

Japan’s oldest collection of poetry,Manyoshu, which contains many poems depicting the Toyama region, is explai […]

Mt.Futagami Quasi-National Park

274m above sea level. It is now home to the minds of citizens. 〈Top 100 Night Views〉 〈Historic Site Designated […]

Machozan Kokutaiji temple

This is the head temple of Kokutaiji sect of Rinzai Zen Sect, and is also famous as a Zen school. Mendicant Ze […]

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