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Amaharashi Coast

Amaharashi Kaigan (Rain-Clear Coast) was composed as "Shibutani" in The Anthology of Myriad Leaves, ...

Etchu Kokubunji trace (Prefecture designated Historic Site)

8Mid-century、Erected by decree of Shomu。just now、From the whole area with a Yakushido、Such as roof tiles and pottery have been excavated。...

Etchu Kokushu Kanato (Fushiki weather Museum)

Yue Chinese site that Kokufu is placed. Iemochi it is and there was a Kokushu Hall lived, now, to t...

National Park Futagamisan

274m above sea level. It is now home to the minds of citizens. ...

Peace Bell

Popular spot of Manyo line。 Weight is also 11 tons a large temple bell that Takaoka of copperware production in Japan is proud of。The largest is the size of Japan as a bell free to wear。...

Port of Fushiki

Fushiki the port city that was crowded with Kitamaebune。Takaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fushiki Branch in that corner is、It was built as a bank in 1908、It tells modern of the Meiji era to now。 Heisei specified in the registration tangible cultural property to 8 years。...

Keta Shrine (important cultural properties)

This old Engi-style shrine was adored and the first shrine in Etchu (former Toyama pref.). This stat...

The Kitamaebune Museum(formerly the residence of the Akimoto Family)

〈A Takaoka City Designated Cultural Asset〉 Introducing the history of Fushiki, which developed than...

Machozan Kokutai-ji temple

This is the head temple of Kokutai-ji sect of Rinzai Zen Sect, and is also famous as a Zen school. M...

Mt. Futakami Man-yo Line

You can enjoy the views of Tateyama alpine mountains and Noto Peninsula through this about 8 kilometers ...

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