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Akamaru Asai Shrine

The approach has 200 meters long row of cedar trees. Some of them are over 400 years old. There is a...

Amaharashi Coast

Amaharashi Kaigan (Rain-Clear Coast) was composed as "Shibutani" in The Anthology of Myriad Leaves, ...

National Park Futagamisan

274m above sea level. It is now home to the minds of citizens. ...

Goidaki no sawa (stream of Goi Waterfall)

This is located nearby the Goi Dam. Beautiful scene and sound of clear stream make a comfortable atm...

Peace Bell

Popular spot of Manyo line。 Weight is also 11 tons a large temple bell that Takaoka of copperware production in Japan is proud of。The largest is the size of Japan as a bell free to wear。...

Mt. Futakami Man-yo Line

You can enjoy the views of Tateyama alpine mountains and Noto Peninsula through this about 8 kilometers ...

Otomonoyakamochi image

Takaoka as a representative poet and is Ōtomo no Yakamochi is Etchu Kokushu of "Manyoshu"、5Year is his tenure the land。 Song poem in this area is also 220 extra-neck、It has been known as the hometown of Manyo。 Also、Love of the voice of the birds rather than to the "ball Hisashige Nijo ...

Mountain Lodge Yamaboshi

Toyama-Fukuoka family travel village accommodation。 Equipped with open-air bath and health Restaurant、And facilities and tie-up of travel Village, such as herbal medicine tree woods and putter golf、Meal、motion、This facility considering the health of the three rest on the basic。 ※Detail is...

Takaoka Kojo Park(The remains of Takaoka Castle)

The remains of Takaoka Castle that was built by Toshinaga Maeda were recreated into a park in the la...

Takaoka Otogi no Mori Park

11.2fairy-tale forest river Senbo flows toward the center of Takaoka, between the flowers and greene...

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