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Sightseeing area

It is displayed in alphabetical order.

Ariso syo-hachimangu

1610, Shrine two companies has been enshrined in upon Takaoka Castle fortification as "YuIso Palace"...

Hankyu-ji temple

This is a Sodo Sect temple, which was built as Toshinaga Maeda's grave keeper. It adds a modest and ...

Keta Shrine (important cultural properties)

This old Engi-style shrine was adored and the first shrine in Etchu (former Toyama pref.). This stat...

Machozan Kokutai-ji temple

This is the head temple of Kokutai-ji sect of Rinzai Zen Sect, and is also famous as a Zen school. M...

Otomo shrine

To honor Ōtomo no Yakamochi Sir、It was built in Keta shrine。...

Soji-ji Temple

In the temple of the Shingon sect、22World free male Osho、Is the person who chose the place name of "Takaoka" from the Book of Songs of passage at the request of Toshinaga public。Wooden Senjukan'non statue that owns is designated as an important cultural property of the country、Once a year、11It will be your exposition in the month 15 days。...

Unryuzan Shokoji Temple

〈Twelve buildings, including the main hall,registered as Important Cultural Properties〉 This old te...

National Treasure Takaoka-zan Zuiryuji Temple

The family temple of Toshinaga Maeda. The Sanmon (main gate), the Butsuden (hall enshrining the budd...

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