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Sightseeing area

Sightseeing area

It is displayed in alphabetical order.

Ariso Sho Hachiman-Gu Shrine

1610, Shrine two companies has been enshrined in upon Takaoka Castle fortification as "Ariso Palace"...

Hankyuji Temple

This is a Soto Sect temple, which was built as Toshinaga Maeda's grave keeper. It adds a modest and ...

Keta Shrine

This old Engi-style shrine was adored and the first shrine in Etchu (former Toyama pref.). This stat...

Machozan Kokutaiji temple

This is the head temple of Kokutaiji sect of Rinzai Zen Sect, and is also famous as a Zen school. Me...

Otomo Shinto Shrine

In recognition of load Otomo-no-Yakamochi, the local volunteers established it in 1985 in the proper...

Sojiji Temple

The Buddhist temple of Shingonshu sect. In 1609 when the monk, the 22nd Kaiyu opened this town, prop...

Unryuzan Shokoji Temple

This old temple belongs to the Jodo Sect of Buddhism and its large main hall covers an area of 40m2....

Zuiryuji Temple

The family temple of Toshinaga Maeda. The Sanmon (main gate), the Butsuden (hall enshrining the budd...

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