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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。

Amaya kashiho(Tenkichiya)

Founded from the previous Meiji as a steamed bun production plants congratulations and condolences, of course、Old-fashioned handmade "bun" is a rarity to Anne that matches the "moist" delicious skin using the subsoil water of Shogawa。

Ishiguro shogetsudo

Founded by 1912、The current owner is the third generation of the long-established。 Including the production mainly in sweets、Also manufactures candy confectionary style to suit the young and old of the preferences in the current。 Made a number also sweets of season、We were enjoying in the eye to your visit us ...


Western Province(West Wu)of、Shopping Centre、We sell in supermarkets。 also、Red and white cake、steamed bread、Dorayaki、Various have bestowed received the order, such as family events confectionery and the end of the year of rice cakes such as red rice。

Ebuchi kashiho

Also the era changed、We always aim to new candy making。 Select the raw materials that commitment pulled the tradition of technology、We propose a rich candy creativity。

Rice cake shop Oihara

Mochi Sekihan confectionery processing is we are always stocks。 We have inherited the natural taste handmade since its inception。 Good for the raw materials to be self-production、Hokuriku confection of confectionery、Red rice、Various We produce and sell a hearty product。

Tropical Honpo Onoya

Venture Tianbao nine years。Manufacturing and sweets (tropical-fields each other), which named after the song of Etchu KUNISHI Ōtomo no Yakamochi。 There is the famous mountain Machisuji in the storehouse building and Mikuruma Mt.、It has also made sweets named after these。


1875 years、Since it opened in Takaoka City, through the town、Thank look forward to your favor of everyone。 Referred to as "your sweets were made in that day get purchase on the day."、By Moshitsutae from primary、Confectionery wholeheartedly committed to freshness ...


Founded in 1889 in the land of Takaoka。1892、It devised a confection "Fuwa Fukujudo Kanokomochi"、It launched one hundred years or up to now、We will be manufactured in the unchanging raw materials and manufacturing methods。Also、The hotel's pastry department "Jungfrau" is also。 Carefully selected materials ...

Matsushimaya of Kintsuba

Establishment is 90 to Kintsuba of specialty store up to 100 years。


Handmade from manufacturing to packaging。Product mix not in other stores、Season tea ceremony for the main confectionery-east、Stocks year-round。

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