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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。

Takaoka Aguripia farm stand(Ltd)

City of farmers have of freshly caught and produced vegetables and processed agricultural products were sold every day。

Art Museum Shop of Takaoka City Museum

Art books、Picture postcard、amount、colored paper、Enhance axis, etc.。Fashionable cute miscellaneous goods is full! The hotel also has a coffee shop。

Takaoka Manyo History Museum shop

Shop in Manyo historical site。It sells such as Manyo Yukari of goods。

Takaoka Regional Local Industry Center "Nickname:ZIBA "

Takaoka copperware、Takaoka lacquerware、Etchu Japanese paper、Shogawa woodworking、Inami sculpture、Confection、seafood、Himi udon, etc.、We look forward to align the special product of Takaoka region。


Michinoeki Manyo-nosato

Takaoka IC soon。National Highway along the line 8。Traffic information and tourist information is, of course、Exhibition and sale of crafts products and specialty products、Food court Takaoka gourmet can eat are equipped。

Etchu Sugegasa Council of Fukuoka

"Etchu Fukuoka Sugegasa" is、In Japan、As rain except, awning、It has been widely used in people's lives、400This traditional crafts, which boasts a tradition of year。We sell accessories and the like using a variety of Sugegasa and Kan。   [Sugegasa dealer ...


Michinoeki Amaharashi

You may wish to 3,000 meters class of Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Bay over。As well as those arriving by car、Railway users who arrive by JR Himi Line、Algal oils for those of cyclists who come in Toyama Bay Cycling Loading ...

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