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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。

Toyama Nemono Corporation

No chemical seasonings or preservatives added、No chemical seasonings or preservatives added。 No chemical seasonings or preservatives added。

Amanoya Kamaboko shop

Founded in the Taisho year。Kamaboko of Amanoya inherited a taste which is not the same as lavish production method using a millstone。It is a taste of handmade。

Kiyoto Brewing plant

Sake brewery of Sake "Katsukoma"。Founded in 1906。Can be precisely because small sake brewery、Stuck with delicious sake、We sold exclusively at the only nationwide 50 stores that can tasting。

Food Corporation New Otani Takaoka

Rich natural blessed Toyama of taste "trout sushi"。 Hotel New Otani in Takaoka、Seeking a real taste、And finished with a more elegant taste。By all means, please relish。

Hiromata kamaboko shop

Also we continue to protect now the old-fashioned technique and taste。If there is no well kamaboko not it! Establishment is more than 100 years long-established。

Masu Sushi Minamoto

Familiar with ekiben、Sushi of trout source。We sell at the new Takaoka Station concourse shop。


Michinoeki Manyo-nosato

Takaoka IC soon。National Highway along the line 8。Traffic information and tourist information is, of course、Exhibition and sale of crafts products and specialty products、Food court Takaoka gourmet can eat are equipped。


Michinoeki Amaharashi

You may wish to 3,000 meters class of Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Bay over。As well as those arriving by car、Railway users who arrive by JR Himi Line、Algal oils for those of cyclists who come in Toyama Bay Cycling Loading ...

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