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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。


castingworks studio RISABURO

Craftsmen of Takaoka is we align the goods that built up in every single Passionate feelings。 Takaoka copperware are lined with souvenirs of handmade centered on the、In copperware production factory You can also visit。 In Takaoka casting birthplace of-Kanaya-cho、Initial Meiji ...

Buddhist altar manufacturing Okoshi(Ltd)

Your altar、shop、Through employees (Seggu)、Japanese beauty、'S mission is to convey the Japanese mind。

Center for Buddhist altars Takaoka

In exceptional price from our wholesale part of the local industry Buddhist altar, Buddhist, copperware of Takaoka。



Nousaku is、Taisho 5 years (1916)、Began Buddhist manufactured using the casting technology transferred 400 years in the land of Takaoka。2017At the new company building that opened on April 27,、Headquarters limited items are also stocked "FACTORY SHOP"、Nousaku tableware with local ingredients [&h…


Michinoeki Manyo-nosato

Takaoka IC soon。National Highway along the line 8。Traffic information and tourist information is, of course、Exhibition and sale of crafts products and specialty products、Food court Takaoka gourmet can eat are equipped。

Shibara art gallery

Taisho 12 years of business。Of antiques, art is the purchase and dealers。


Michinoeki Amaharashi

You may wish to 3,000 meters class of Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Bay over。As well as those arriving by car、Railway users who arrive by JR Himi Line、Algal oils for those of cyclists who come in Toyama Bay Cycling Loading ...

Takaoka copperware - lacquerware

GARANDO craft store

Shop right next to the Great Buddha Takaoka。The Miyabirando founded 1909 years of Takaoka copperware, lacquerware、Items of handicrafts throughout Japan will have been exhibited and sold。Please refer to the various handicrafts because there is also net shop。

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