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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。

Ujiie Lacquerware(CO, LTD)

Floor consoles decorate the traditional crafts Takaoka coating of Japanese-style room、It offers a large selection of the garden tub。

Lacquerware Kunimoto

1909 founding of craft shops。 We are the "planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retail" in the center of the craft that take advantage of the Takaoka of technology。 We will propose a commodity that will have fun every day as the information center of the "Takaoka of crafts and craft"。 Memorial ...

Takaoka lacquerware traditional craft cooperative

Order to promote the development of the production area、Founded looking up the prefectural and city leadership of、It celebrated the establishment twenty anniversary。We introduce the history and current Takaoka lacquerware。


Michinoeki Manyo-nosato

Takaoka IC soon。National Highway along the line 8。Traffic information and tourist information is, of course、Exhibition and sale of crafts products and specialty products、Food court Takaoka gourmet can eat are equipped。

(Ltd)Musashigawa kobo

Soseki also loved Takaoka lacquerware。Brilliant glow of a typical schrenckii painted in its、Also captures the human mind in any era。

Amano Lacquerware(Ltd.)

We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware。 Stocks the best products in the souvenir gifts。

Shibara art gallery

Taisho 12 years of business。Of antiques, art is the purchase and dealers。

(Ltd)Nakamura Laquer Ware Store

Repair of lacquer ware in general and "appraisal"、Planning、manufacture、Wholesale、Doing "retail"。 A souvenir at the Chokei-ji main store、We also have many gifts。

(CO, LTD)Shibata Lacquerware Store

Sake sets and chopsticks suitable for souvenirs and gifts、We have a lot of accessories etc.。 There are plenty of tea utensils and flower utensils、We also accept repairs。 Various cards、Supports QR payment, etc.。


Michinoeki Amaharashi

You may wish to 3,000 meters class of Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Bay over。As well as those arriving by car、Railway users who arrive by JR Himi Line、Algal oils for those of cyclists who come in Toyama Bay Cycling Loading ...

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