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It has been displayed in the order of the Japanese syllabary。


castingworks studio RISABURO

Craftsmen of Takaoka is we align the goods that built up in every single Passionate feelings。 Takaoka copperware are lined with souvenirs of handmade centered on the、In copperware production factory You can also visit。 In Takaoka casting birthplace of-Kanaya-cho、Initial Meiji ...

Co., Ltd. Lao Tzu Works

A professional manufacturer of the bell, including the bell, which is known throughout the country。 We have Buddha Buddhist monuments such as manufacturing and sales。

(CO, LTD)Odakou-douki

Traditional Bronze、Craft Hinto product rich、We look forward to your Yue of everyone as a shop that is open。

Takaoka specialty art shop Kanehide[KANEHIDE]

Takaokaekimae,We look forward to stocks a large number of shop "Kanehide" In Takaoka copperware of specialty art。

(CO., LTD) Syoubidou

Bust or statue:We manufacture in-house atelier from prototype a variety of bronze。Matsumido original catalog in the presentation。

Takaoka Chugei-sha

Lantern、Buddhist image、Bronze statue、Large bronze statue was、Public Art、Repair restoration of historic copperware、Various types of casting works of art、People like。

TAKAOKA copper industry cooperative

Contact also please feel free about products of Takaoka copperware。

Takaoka Industrial Copperware Complex

We will repair of copperware。Order of copperware General、Processing the request、Material development、We also welcome the consultation, such as product development。

Takaoka Bronze Pavilion

* "Takaoka Copperware Exhibition Hall"、Relocated and opened in "Roadside Station Takaoka" on July 27, 3rd year of Reiwa * As a tour sales facility for "Traditional crafts Takaoka copperware" with a history of 400 years、Also、Specializing in Takaoka Buddhist utensils, tea utensils, and flower utensils ...

(CO, LTD)Takenaka douki

Art and skill of mind which were cultivated in Takaoka copperware traditional craft tradition ...

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