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Local specialty

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Takaoka Aguripia farm stand(Ltd)


Takaoka Aguripia farm stand(Yes) image 1 Takaoka Aguripia farm stand(Yes) image 2

City of farmers have of freshly caught and produced vegetables and processed agricultural products were sold every day。

Residence 234 Nishitoheizo
Opening Hours 8:30〜15:00
Regular holiday Monday,Year-end and New Year Holidays
Access ■ from JR Shin Takaoka Station
・新高岡駅3番のりばから加越能バス「柳島口」または「市野瀬」下車 徒歩5分

■ from Takaoka Station
・高岡駅瑞龍寺口(南口)1番のりばから加越能バス「柳島口」または「市野瀬」下車 徒歩5分
・ 15 minutes by car

■ 15 minutes from Takaoka IC on the Noetsu Expressway

15 minutes from Takaoka Tonami Smart IC on the Hokuriku Expressway
TEL 0766-63-1422

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