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Toshinaga-kun、Iemochi kun / tourist material download

Local specialty

Matsubara Seishodo

Matsubara KiyomatsuDo image 1 Matsubara KiyomatsuDo image 2

Since its inception in 1900 years、Yoshinaka Kiso the land of legend、Was charged with Shimizu of famous water of the bow "six Kaoru baked" and one by one carefully finished additive in hand-baked、Preservative is not used at all、We continue to protect the old-fashioned rustic flavor。
Candy that reflects the season feeling and Kyodoshoku、steamed bread、Dorayaki、Also sells rice cake。
Please, please relish。We also heard regional dispatch。

Residence 279-6 Tsunekuni
Opening Hours 9:00〜18:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
アクセス 15 minutes by car from JR Shin-Takaoka Station

20 minutes by car from Takaoka Station

20 minutes from Takaoka IC on Noetsu Expressway

■ 10 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Takaoka Tonami smart IC
AS 0766-36-2226

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