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Local specialty

Kongo Fugetsudo

Kongo Fugetsudo image 1 Kongo Fugetsudo image 2

Since the first year of Showa venture、Use a homemade bean paste shopkeeper Good、Bun for the upper chestnut filled with old-fashioned handmade、We deliver the unchanging taste, such as Dorayaki。
Encouraging the word of loved by the local "delicious tea"、We make the sweets of seasonal transmitted the heart。
Nostalgic taste of the sweets shop not affected by trends。

Residence 4-10 Nakajimamachi
Opening Hours 9:00〜19:00
Regular holiday Indefinite
Access ■ 10 minutes by car from JR Shin Takaoka Station

■ 5 minutes by car from Takaoka Station

■ 10 minutes from NoEtsu motorway Takaoka IC

■ 20 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Takaoka Tonami smart IC
TEL 0766-22-4763

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