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Local specialty

Category: Lacquerware

Lacquerware Kunimoto


Lacquerware Kunimoto image 1 Lacquerware Kunimoto image 2

1909 founding of craft shops。
We are the "planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retail" in the center of the craft that take advantage of the Takaoka of technology。

We will propose a commodity that will have fun every day as the information center of the "Takaoka of crafts and craft"。
Consultation of memorabilia and original goods also please feel free!

■ Major Brands
– Nousaku
– Lemons / Takataremunosu
– momentam factory Orii
– Syouryu / Shimatani Rising Dragon workshop
– Nanigashi
– With TARO
– Forkfood
-Fortunately, Temple Hachiro store
– Xun Futang
– Under
– SanoMasa
– artisan933

Residence Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture Konmadashi-cho, 64
Opening Hours 10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday Every Wednesday
アクセス ■ 10 minutes by car from JR Shin Takaoka Station

■ from Takaoka Station
・ 10 minutes on foot
・ 3 minutes by car

■ 10 minutes from NoEtsu motorway Takaoka IC

■ 20 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Takaoka Tonami smart IC
AS 0766-21-0263

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