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Local specialty

castingworks studio RISABURO


Casting workshop Risaburo image 1

Craftsmen of Takaoka is we align the goods that built up in every single Passionate feelings。
Takaoka copperware are lined with souvenirs of handmade centered on the、In copperware production factory You can also visit。

In Takaoka casting birthplace of-Kanaya-cho、It reached the current while adding newness to since Ichi hundred odd years the traditional technique in the early Meiji period than the first generation Risaburo began a bi-type casting。Please come by all means to the memories of the trip so you can be the tours and experiences of casting manufacturing production process。

Residence 8-11 Kanayamachi
Opening Hours 10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday The 4th Sunday
アクセス ■ from JR Shin Takaoka Station
And pressurized Etsuno bus from the new Takaoka Station No. 1 stop "Kanaya" get off immediately
※ is from the new Takaoka Station 2 bus stop、In Takaoka Station requires you transfer (see "traffic access between the new Takaoka Station ⇔ Takaoka Station")

■ from Takaoka Station
- walk 20 minutes
Takaoka Station old castle park opening (north entrance) from 3 bus stop pressurizing Etsuno bus "Kanaya" get off immediately
· Manyosen "piece raw-cho" walk 10 minutes
- 5 minutes by car

■ 10 minutes by car from NoEtsu motorway Takaoka IC

25 minutes ■ car from Hokuriku Expressway Takaoka Tonami smart IC
TEL 0766-24-0852

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