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Amaharashi Station Tourist Information Office

Amaharashi Station Tourist Information Center image 1 Amaharashi Station Tourist Information Center image 2

Takaoka's premier scenic land is the gateway to the "Amaharashi coast"。From Amaharashi Station Amaharashi until the coast is a 5-minute walk。

Amaharashi postcard and bookmark that contains the coast of superb view、Pleasing souvenirs such as clear file。

To shoot from the station yard、There is also a popular two-shot of the train and Amaharashi coast。

Residence 105-3 Shibuya, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, inside JR Amaharashi Station
Opening Hours 7:30-17:30
Regular holiday New Year's Holiday (12/31 ~ 1/3)

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