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Sightseeing area

Sightseeing area

It is displayed in alphabetical order.

Kanayamachi (Traditional Metal-casting District)

Shortly after the construction of Takaoka Castle, Toshinaga Maeda, the second lord of the Kaga Domai...

Bank Made of Red Brick

This building was built as central branch of Takaoka Kyoritsu Bank in 1914. * The Toyama Bank hea...

The Great Buddha of Takaoka

This large Buddha statue was made with the exceptional metal-casting skills of the people of Takaoka...

Takeda Residence

Takeda Family is told as a descendant of Nobutsuna Shoyoken (1525 - 1582) who is younger brother of ...

Saeki Residence

Saeki Residence, former "Sannosuke" house, was purchased and relocated. Sannosuke worked as a villag...

“The Suganos” godown-structured house

This is the leading godown house in this area, which was built about in 1900 after the great fire in...

Yamachosuji (Street lined with Earthen-wall Storehouses)

The Traditional mud-walled,warehouse-style residences were built during the first half of the 20th c...

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