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Toshinaga Maeda’s grave (Nationally designated historic site)

Stone lanterns lead you to the grave, and you can see a monumental stone pagoda, which is 11.75 meters high. This is the highest pagoda for warlord in the country. The monarch Toshitsune Maeda, who was the third landlord of the domain of Kaga, built the mausoleum at the place where the body of Toshinaga, who was the second landloord of Kaga and Toshitsune’s older brother, was cremated in 1646, when it was the thirty second anniversary of his death, so that Toshitsune could mourn the loss of the great lives of his brother. The base of the tomb was ternary and made from Tomuro stone of Kaga. Granite marker with shade is put up on this base. 12 stone steps in front of the grave up to the approach. It is said that Tanyu Kano (1602 – 74) made a rough drawing of lotus on the foliate panel around the base and it adds a serene touch.

Address Ohno Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
Direction 14 minutes by walk from the south exit of Takaoka station of JR 10 minutes by car from Takaoka IC on Noetsu express way
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